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How was penicillin discovered?
a) Chemists found the substance in food supplies
b) Bacteria contaminated a dish of the antibiotic
c) The mold contaminated a dish of bacteria
d) Chemists separated penicillin from the soil

Which product can be made from compounds found in petroleum?
a) plastic
b) cement
c) ammonia
d) silk

Why shouldn\'t you mix cleaning materials?
a) they may produce inexpensive new compunds
b) they may contaminate your food
c) they may cause diseases to multiply
d) they may cause unexpected chemical reactions

Chemists have found substances in foods that prevent diseases. What are these substances called?
a) fertilizers
b) antibiotics
c) medicines
d) vitamins

Chains of large molecules containing identical smaller units connected together make up nylon. What is this general type of material called?
a) plastic
b) polymer
c) natural fabric
d) metal

What does the warning label on a chemical cleanser tell you?
a) how chemists mix the chemical
b) how to use chemicals safely
c) how the chemical was first discovered
d) how the chemical improves our lives

What is an antibiotic?
a) medicine that kills bacteria
b) chemical found in food that prevents disease
c) chemical that helps farmers grow healthier plants
d) medicine that cures diseases cause by mold

What bacteria-killing substance did Alexander Fleming discover?
a) penicillin
b) insulin
c) aspirin
d) vitamins

Which of the following is an example of Technology in health?
a) Penicillin
b) Nylon
c) Plastic
d) Cement

Which of the following is an example of Technology in transportation?
a) Penicillin
b) Plastic
c) Chemical Cleaners
d) Petroleum

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