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A way to record results and observations accurately is
a) in a data table.
b) with bias.
c) on a scrap piece of paper.
d) on the board.

The application of science to make products or tools is called
a) applying variables.
b) technology.
c) a hypothesis.
d) a trial.

This factor can change in an experiment.
a) A model
b) Bias
c) The control
d) A variable

A sample taken without bias is a(n) ____________ sample.
a) trial
b) accurate
c) random
d) perfect

A way or a process to investigate what is happening around us.
a) Modeling
b) Science
c) Hypothesis
d) Variable

A prediction or statement that can be tested.
a) Data Table
b) Control
c) Bias
d) Hypothesis

The length of a car should be measured in this unit.
a) degrees Celsius
b) grams
c) meters
d) centimeters

The mass of a cookie should be measured in this unit.
a) tonne
b) gram
c) milligram
d) liter

This research is used when it is impossible to conduct an experiment.
a) Experimental
b) Data Gathering
c) Models
d) Descriptive

The variable that is being measured is called the ____________ variable.
a) dependent
b) independent
c) control
d) constant

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