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Which is the most bouyant in water?
a) wood
b) penny
c) lead weight
d) VW Jetta

Matter that is less dense than water will ____________ on water.
a) sink
b) dissolve
c) float
d) implode

Clay being shaped into a bowl is an example of:
a) gift for mother's day
b) chemical change
c) evaporation
d) physical change

A rusty nail is an example of a:
a) physical change
b) reason to get a TB shot
c) chemical change
d) condesation

Food changing into energy is an example of:
a) chemical change
b) physical change
c) lunch
d) condensation

Water turning into ice in a freezer is an example of:
a) evaporation
b) physical change
c) science experiment
d) chemical change

Temperature at which liquid changes to a solid.
a) freezing point
b) melting point
c) boiling point
d) 70*

Temperature at which liquid changes to a gas.
a) melting point
b) boiling point
c) freezing point
d) Hanging out on the sun.

Temperature at which solid changes to a liquid.
a) melting point
b) freezing point
c) boiling point
d) 75*

This is what happens when a cold glass of water "sweats" on the glass
a) condensation
b) evaporation
c) melting
d) freezing

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