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What do Plants Need to Grow?
a) soil, water, light and no air
b) soil, water, air and no light
c) soil, air, light and no water
d) soil, air, light and water

What are the parts of a flower?
a) sepals and petals
b) stamens and pistils
c) receptacles and stems
d) all the above

Animals can be classified into how many groups?
a) one
b) two
c) three
d) four

The Vertebrates are animals with a:
a) tailbone
b) backbone
c) headbone
d) neckbone

The Invertebrates are animals without a:
a) tailbone
b) headbone
c) backbone
d) neckbone

Humans have:
a) a backbone and are Vertebrate
b) bumpy bones down their back
c) hair and are born alive
d) all the above

There are how many groups of Vertebrates?
a) one
b) three
c) five
d) seven

Which Vertebrates are warm blooded?
a) mammals & birds
b) mammals & fish
c) birds & fish
d) reptiles & amphibians

Which animals are amphibians?
a) frogs
b) toads
c) salamanders
d) all the above

Which animals are anthropods?
a) spiders and insects
b) crabs and lobsters
c) trout, bass, and eels
d) #1 and #2

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