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This form of energy is present every time you have have an energy conversion.
a) Nuclear
b) Thermal
c) Electromagnetic
d) Electrical

All energy is labeled in units called
a) watts
b) joules
c) m/s
d) newtons

Mass x 9.8 x height =
a) kinetic energy
b) speed of light
c) mechanical energy
d) gravitational potential energy

The sun's energy originates from
a) chemical energy
b) nuclear energy
c) electromagnetic energy
d) thermal energy

A pendulum in motion eventually stops because
a) the energy is destroyed
b) the kinetic and potential energy are balanced
c) friction converts the mechanical energy to thermal energy
d) the pendulum runs out of power

Kinetic energy depends on
a) only mass
b) only velocity
c) height
d) both mass and velocity

Plants during photosynthesis convert electromagnetic energy to
a) nuclear energy
b) chemical energy
c) electromagnetic energy
d) GPE

Electromagnetic energy from the sun arrives on earth via
a) conduction
b) radiation
c) convection
d) magic

A 1200-kilogram car traveling at 30 m/s has how much kinetic energy?
a) 36000 J
b) 18000 J
c) 1080000 J
d) 540000 J

Which below is an example of elastic potential energy?
a) A basketball sitting on a closet shelf
b) A car engine burning gasoline
c) The sun converting hydrogen atoms to helium atoms
d) Bending a spring and holding that spring

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