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Grass that gains energy from the sun is an example of a
a) producer
b) decomposer.
c) parasite.
d) consumer.

A diagram with arrows showing energy flow from grass, to a rabbit, to a fox is
a) a food chain.
b) an energy pyramid.
c) a food web.
d) a population chart.

After one species disappears, the other species in the ecosystem
a) are affected they are thrown out of balance.
b) benefit.
c) die.
d) are unaffected.

In which type of symbiosis do organisms help each other?
a) mutualism
b) parasitism
c) community
d) commensalism

an animal that eats many foods, including fish and berries
a) omnivore
b) herbivore
c) carnivore
d) decomposer

In a food web, arrows point in just one direction because they show
a) how energy goes to the animal that is eating.
b) how energy goes to the animal that is eaten.
c) which animals are related.
d) which animal is bigger.

A food web is...
a) contains overlapping food chains of an ecosystem, linked together
b) a simplified food chain, with only one producer and one consumer.
c) only made up of insects and their prey
d) the same thing as a food chain

Rocks, temperature, and water are what part of the environment?
a) abiotic
b) biotic
c) population
d) community

In an energy pyramid, which level has the most available energy?
a) producer level
b) second-level consumer
c) third-level consumer
d) first-level consumer

A colony of bees was observered feeding on nectar while pollinating plants. What type of ecological relationship exits between the bees and the plant?
a) mutualism
b) commensalism
c) parasitism
d) predator/prey

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