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Which of the following is the producer in the food chain?
a) Fox
b) Snakes
c) Plants
d) Rabbit

What would happen if you removed the producer from the food web?
a) All populations would go up
b) Nothing
c) All the populations would die
d) All populations would go way up

What could possibly happen if snakes were removed from the food chain?
a) Frog population may go down
b) Nothing
c) Bird population may go down
d) Frog population may go up

What is the definition of a population?
a) The organisms of one species living together in the same place at the same time
b) What?
c) All the organisms of different species together in an area
d) Two organisms that live together, and need each other to survive

Organisms that consume dead plants and animals for their food are?
a) Producers
b) Hello?
c) Symbiotic
d) Decomposer

Why is a honey bee and a pear tree an example of mutualism?
a) The bee benefits, but the pear tree is hurt
b) Where am I?
c) The bee receives nectar, and the pear tree is pollinated
d) The pear tree benefits, but the bee receives nothing

What is a limiting factor?
a) Kind of like an energy pyramid
b) Too much food
c) Anything that restricts the number of individuals which can live in an area
d) When an organism takes up residence and feeds on another organsim tissue

a) Are good
b) Are involved in mutualism
c) Are involved in commensalism
d) Live on another organism and feed on their tissue

Which of the following organisms would be at the top of an energy pyramid?
a) Grass
b) Aren't the pyramids in Egypt?
c) Fox
d) Duck

Introduced species can....
a) Cause erosion
b) Be good pets
c) Are almost always helpful
d) Cause damage to an enviornment by crowding out native species

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