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What does gilded mean?
a) A secret club formed by union workers
b) A young male horse
c) Laying a thin layer of gold over a worthless metal
d) A type of immigrant

Making steel faster and of higher quality was done with what process
a) Bessemer Process
b) Rockefeller Process
c) Carnegie Process
d) Monopoly Process

Ellis Island was
a) The east coast immigration station
b) An island named for Albert Ellis
c) The island where sick immigrants were sent
d) A place people could go to receive money

Railroads helped growing industries by
a) Prevents the theft of an invention
b) Moving business owners from state to state
c) Making that cool whoo whoo sound
d) Shipping products to and from factories

Most Asians and Mexicans settled in
a) In the Midwest
b) the East
c) the Southwest
d) the North

An ethnic community is a group of people with
a) Similar tastes in clothes
b) Similar tastes in pets
c) Similar customs and languages
d) Similar tastes in food

Nativists were people who thought that
a) Immigrants were always welcome
b) Immigrants wre never welcome
c) Immigrants were all terrorists
d) The pullman car was a great invention

The average immigrants apartment
a) had poor lighting
b) had bad plumbing and electrical
c) was nicely furnished
d) was barely fit to live in

The Air Break greatly improved
a) trains
b) cars
c) telegraph
d) gliders

The workplace was unsafe for all of the following reasons but
a) long hours
b) loud noises
c) girls working with boys
d) poor lighting

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