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Ch2 Review.[print questions]

8. The Earth system has four parts: the ___________, the ___________, the ___________, and the ____________.
a) Atmosphere, lithosphere, hydrosphere, biosphere
c) ground, sky, stars, moon
d) inner core, outer core, crust, mantle

9. Three major parts of the water cycle are: ____________, __________, and ___________.
a) rain, snow, wind
c) Evaporation, condensation, precipitation
d) Tributary, groundwater, oceans

______ are shapes on Earth’s surface
b) landforms
c) tectonics

13. The theory of ____________ helps explain how forces raise, lower, and roughen Earth’s surface.
a) science
c) Plate tectonics
d) relativity

List three ways plates move: ______, ________, ___________
a) collide, slide, move apart
c) up, down, over
d) sideways, longways, around

16. When two plates collide, one plate can be pushed ________ another. This process is called _________.
a) over, weatherind
c) under; subduciton
d) across, erosion

___________ are common in subduction zones.
b) earthquakes
c) floods
d) oceans

When two plates move away from each other hot ______ emerges from the gap that has been formed
a) gas
b) oil
c) water
d) lava

The lava builds a ______ ________ ridge---a landform similar to an under water mountain range.
a) valley mountain
c) mid ocean
d) fault

A ________ is a fracture in the Earth’s crust where a mass of rocks is in motion.
a) fault
c) mountain
d) valley

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