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Questions From Short Story "Miss Hinch".[print questions]

Who wrote the story "Miss Hinch"?
a) Henry Sydnor Harrison
b) O Henry
c) Hamlin Garland
d) James Ramsey Ullman

What made Miss Hinch hard to find?
a) impersonating other people
b) unlocking doors
c) hiding in small spaces
d) speaking foreign languages

What made Jessie Dark think she could capture Miss Hinch?
a) woman's intuition
b) skill as detective
c) expert at figuring out people's disguises
d) help from the police

How did the old lady die?
a) hit by train
b) stuck in underwater tunnel
c) shot in a duel
d) stabbed by sword

What writing utensil was used in all the notes to the police about Miss Hinch?
a) blue pencil
b) red pen
c) black marker
d) green crayon

Where did the old lady and the clergyman go while waiting for the subway train?
a) Miller's Restaurant
b) pharmacy/drug store
c) theater
d) police station

What did the police think at first about the notes about Miss Hinch?
a) Someone was playing tricks on the police.
b) Someone was following Miss Hinch.
c) Another person was killed by Miss Hinch.
d) They should hurry to the subway station.

What feature made Miss Hinch easy to recognize?
a) very pointy chin
b) bleeding cut down side of cheek
c) tattoos on arms
d) bright red hair

What was the danger at the subway station?
a) ice
b) snakes
c) fire
d) robbers

Whom had Miss Hinch killed?
a) John Catherwood
b) clergyman
c) young couple
d) restaurant owner

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