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The 13th amendment ended what in the United States?
a) The Death Penalty
b) Slavery
c) The Civil War

The 14th amendment made former slaves what?
a) Illegal Immigrants
b) United States Citizens
c) Freedmen

What right did the 15th amendment give former slaves?
a) Free Speech
b) 40 acres and a Mule
c) The Right to Vote

Who became President when Lincoln was assassinated?
a) Andrew Johnson
b) Ulysses S. Grant
c) Samuel Tilden

What is the term used for a person working on someone else land and giving them a part of their crops?
a) Farmers
b) Sharecroppers
c) Freedman

The Black Codes were passed to maintain white rule and to control the activities of the ___________?
a) Native Americans
b) Former Confederates
c) African Americans

The Compromise of 1877 is responsible for the end of what?
a) Civil War
b) Jim Crow Laws
c) Reconstruction

Who became President because of the Compromise of 1877?
a) Samuel Tilden
b) Rutherford B Hayes
c) Abram Lincoln

What happened at the end of Reconstruction that made life harder for the former slaves
a) Native Americans declared war on the African Americans
b) Federal troops left the South and were unable to enforce the Civil War amendments

The Black Codes were passed in an attempt to?
a) Provide land to former slaves
b) Repeal the Jim Crow laws
c) Deny Equal right to African Americans
d) Punish former confederate leaders

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