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What is the environmental concern in the Canadian Shield?
a) invasive species
b) extraction of natural resources/ erosion
c) acid rain
d) deforestation

Which of the following is a reason why Canada has an acid rain problem?
a) factories use chemicals that produce less pollution
b) big industries have decided to stop dumping their waste
c) factories process minerals that produce toxic smoke in air
d) cars now produce less fumes into the environment

Which of these is LIKELY the reason for Canadians' concern about pollution of the Great Lakes?
a) The Great Lakes are a favorite Canadian tourist destination.
b) the Great Lakes are major source of Canada's drinking water.
c) Canadians like beaches along the GL instead of on the coast.
d) The Canadians like to go dive on the shipwrecks and its fun

What is the environmental concern in British Columbia?
a) invasive species
b) extraction of natural resources/ erosion
c) acid rain
d) deforestation

What is an environmental concern in the Great Lakes region of Canada?
a) too many boats
b) invasive species, and industrial spills
c) too much water
d) too many swimmers

Which of the following BEST explains why the United States is Canada's largest trading partner?
a) climate
b) population distribution
c) location
d) Gross Domestic Product

Which of the following two religions were brought over by the countries of England and France?
a) Islam from France; Judaism from England
b) Christianity from France; Islam from England
c) Buddhism from France; Catholic from England
d) Catholic from France; Protestant from England

Canada has to work with the United States to solve the problem of acid rain because the United States
a) is the source of much of Canada’s air pollution problem.
b) Purchases many of the goods that Canada produces in it’s factories.
c) Has reduced the amount of acid rain and understands how to solve the problem.
d) Is careful to keep air pollution from leaving the United States and entering Canada.

Which two European countries contributed most to the languages of Canada?
a) England and Spain
b) Spain and Portugal
c) England and France
d) France and Portugal

Why is the southern part of Canada the region where most Canadians live?
a) It’s the closest to the United States and the Great Lakes
b) It has the most favorable climate
c) Most of the ports are in southern Canada
d) Mountains cover most of northern Canada

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