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Finals Review.[print questions]

It is rude to arrive late to dinner
a) correct
b) incorrect
c) --
d) --

Is it rude to point at someone?
a) no
b) yes
c) maybe
d) idk

John will have fun at the park with his friends. What does have fun mean?
a) eat
b) sleep
c) cook
d) enjoy

You will have to _____ _____ to get food at the market
a) hangout
b) go swimming
c) spend money
d) play football

Before you enter a home, it is _______ to take off your shoes
a) impolite
b) rude
c) polite
d) fun

What does it mean to spend time with friends?
a) hangout
b) buy clothes
c) play football
d) read books

Is it rude or polite to tell lies?
a) rude
b) polite
c) none
d) both #1 + #2

You ( have to / don't have to ) bring presents for your friends every day.
a) have to
b) don't have to
c) --
d) --

What is a band?
a) people running together
b) people reading together
c) people making music together
d) people eating together

What do you do in a recording studio?
a) sleep on a chair
b) eat chicken
c) record songs
d) read books

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