Colonization/Steps To American Revolution Question Preview (ID: 44692)

American Revolution.[print questions]

a) Complaint
b) Happiness
c) Death
d) immature

a) British Government
b) American Government
c) President
d) King

Location of French and Indian War
a) Ohio River Valley
b) Rocky Mountains
c) London, England
d) Mexico City

Leader of rebellion in Ohio River Valley
a) Chief Pontiac
b) Sam Adams
c) George Washington
d) Daniel Shay

Cause of the French and Indian War
a) Hunting and fishing
b) Whales and seals
c) Lumber
d) cash crops

Effect of French and Indian War
a) Debt
b) Profit
c) Peace
d) Moving west

King declared Colonists can't move west
a) Proclamation of 1763
b) Stamp Act
c) Sugar Act
d) Quartering Act

What did the King begin collecting to pay off war debt?
a) taxes
b) sugar
c) soldiers
d) wheat

Tax on sugar
a) Sugar Act
b) Stamp Act
c) Tea Act
d) Intolerable Acts

Colonists forced to house soldiers
a) Quartering Act
b) Sugar Act
c) Stamp Act
d) Intolerable Acts

Name of treaty that ended the French and Indian War
a) Treaty of Paris 1763
b) Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo
c) Treaty of Ghent
d) Treaty of Love

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