What Is Drama? Question Preview (ID: 44672)

7th Grade.[print questions]

drama queen(s) in junior high
a) girls
b) teachers
c) Mrs. Powers
d) 6th graders

stories that can be acted out in front of people or an audience
a) dialogue
b) drama
c) script
d) acts/scenes

parts of a drama
a) sections
b) elements
c) lines
d) quotation marks

the text of a play, including the dialogue the actors speak and stage directions
a) acts/scenes
b) setting
c) drama
d) script

tells the actors where to go, how to move, and when to say their lines
a) narrator
b) dialogue
c) acts/scenes
d) stage directions

lines of the text the characters speak
a) characters
b) script
c) dialogue
d) drama

when and where the play takes place
a) setting
b) dialogue
c) characters
d) stage directions

gives the audience information about what is happening in the play
a) stage directions
b) acts/scenes
c) narrator
d) script

who is in the play
a) dialogue
b) characters
c) stage directions
d) acts/scenes

the parts a play is divided into
a) characters
b) narrator
c) acts/scenes
d) setting

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