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Siddhartha Gautama founded this religion
a) Hinduism
b) Christianity
c) Islam
d) Buddhism

What large country is on the other side of the Himalayas from India?
a) Germany
b) Greece
c) Iran
d) China

Reincarnation means
a) Birth, Death, Rebirth
b) Rebirth, Death, Heaven
c) Good things will come to you if you do good
d) Going to Heaven

Buddha means
a) Tall skinny guy
b) The Enlightened one
c) He who fights like a knight
d) The way of the Warrior

The belief that what you do in this life affects what happens in your next life
a) Buddhism
b) Karma
c) Caste
d) Nirvana

The basic teachings of Buddhism are called
a) The Ten Commandments
b) The Five Pillars
c) The Four Noble Truths
d) The Eightfold Path

Where did Buddhism originate?
a) Thailand
b) Korea
c) China
d) India

India has a population of
a) Over 1 billion people
b) 500 million people
c) 300 million people
d) 100 million people

According to Buddha, who is responsible for ending our suffering?
a) The King
b) The President
c) We are
d) We would not suffer if the canceled Fortnite

Buddha taught that to end suffering we must stop
a) Desire and Want
b) Meditating
c) Stop being poor
d) We must donate all our money to our religion

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