A Wrinkle In Time--List 3 Question Preview (ID: 44644)

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The second grade teacher needs to ____ more cards by filling out a slip of paper asking for more supplies.
a) Requisition
b) Wheedling
c) Intoned
d) Malignant

The Medium was overly persuasive with Mrs. Which, _____ to let the children see their mothers before they go to Camazotz.
a) Wheedling
b) Intoned
c) Malignant
d) Reverberated

Chanting from poetry in a sing-song voice, Mrs. Who often _____ the words of other people.
a) Intoned
b) Malignant
c) Reverberated
d) Aberration

Intending to harm others and spread evil throughout all Creation, IT is an entirely _____ force.
a) Reverberated
b) Malignant
c) Aberration
d) Precipitously

Mrs. Which's voice _____ around the Medium's cave. The echoing of her voice is a little intimidating.
a) Reverberated
b) Aberration
c) Precipitously
d) Propitious

Calvin is something of a(n) _____ in his family because he's interested in learning and bettering himself. He is very different than what passes for normal in his family.
a) Precipitously
b) Propitious
c) Aberration
d) Resilience

The children leave home _____, not even taking time to eat properly before they go.
a) Precipitously
b) Propitious
c) Resilience
d) Bilious

Meg's father cannot wait for a(n) _____ moment to attempt their escape. In this case, the immediate moment is the most appropriate one.
a) Propitious
b) Resilience
c) Bilious
d) Requisition

Meg's _____ helps her recover quickly from the attack of the Dark Thing, but she is still wounded emotionally.
a) Bilious
b) Resilience
c) Requisition
d) Wheedling

The second grade spelling teacher the children meet has a(n) _____ disposition. He is peevish and easily irritated.
a) Bilous
b) Requisition
c) Wheedling
d) Intoned

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