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Of Mice And Men Book Review.[print questions]

What is dead that Lennie is holding in the barn?
a) Lennie is holding Curley's wife
b) Lennie is holding his pup
c) Lennie is holding a rabbit
d) Lennie is holding his dead pup

What is Lennie afraid of, because he accidentally killed his pup?
a) Lennie is afraid of nothing
b) Lennie is afraid George will kill him
c) Lennie is afraid George won’t get him tend the rabbits
d) Lennie is afraid Curley will kill him

Why does Lennie feel Curley’s wife’s hair?
a) Because it was soft
b) Because it was hard
c) Because it was long
d) Because Curley told him too

How does Curley’s wife die?
a) Carlson broke her neck
b) George broke her neck
c) Curley broke her neck
d) Lennie broke her neck

Did they know who killed Curley’s wife, the first time they saw her?
a) Yes
b) No
c) They suspected him
d) They thought George did it

Where does Lennie go after he accidentally kills Curley’s wife?
a) He runs to the bushes and waits for George.
b) He goes back to Weed
c) He goes to space
d) He hides in a hole

Who talks in Lennie’s voice that is in Lennie’s head?
a) Aunt Clara
b) Carlson
c) Slim
d) Bob

Who had Carlson's gun?
a) Lennie
b) George
c) Carlson
d) Curley

What are Lennie and George talking about, before George shoots Lennie?
a) Weed
b) Grass
c) Trees
d) Their future ranch

Who shoots Lennie?
a) Curley
b) Carlson
c) George
d) Slim

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