Human Impacts On The Environment (Part 1) Question Preview (ID: 44159)

Summative Assessment Review.

The release of industrial waste directly into a river would be an example of _______.
a) nonpoint-source pollution
b) reclamation
c) sublimination
d) point-source pollution

______________________ is pollution from a single source that can be identified.
a) Point-source pollution
b) Nonpoint-source pollution
c) Hazardous waste
d) Photo-chemical Smog

The _____________________ is the continuous movement of water on, above, and below Earth's surface.
a) biosphere
b) hydrosphere
c) hydrologic system
d) water cycle

Most of the water consumed in the United States is used _____________________.
a) as drinking water
b) for irrigating crops
c) to generate electricity
d) in family households

Approximately __________ of the water on the Earth is accessible as freshwater at the surface.
a) 1%
b) 10%
c) 20%
d) 30%

Modern landfills are
a) regulated by the government
b) lined to prevent contaminants from leaking into the soil groundwater
c) covered in soil
d) All of these

Increased erosion caused by farming or deforestation can ultimately cause ______________________ in some areas.
a) hydrogen osmosis
b) sublimation
c) acid precipitation
d) desertification

Urban Sprawl can lead to habitat destruction, increased runoff, and reduced water quality.
c) -
d) -

The carrying capacity of an area is based primarily on __________________.
a) the amount of people living in that area
b) the amount of available resources in that area
c) the climate of that area
d) how happy/unhappy the gods are

Most of the trash that we produce in the United States is
a) burned
b) recycled
c) sent to landfills
d) dumped in Canada

_________________________ contains substances that can affect the health of humans and other organism. Used motor oil and many chemical cleaners would be examples.
a) Organic Compost
b) Toxic Waste
c) Hazardous waste
d) Aerobic Material

Which of the following would be a common effect of deforestation?
a) Increased Erosion
b) Over-Oxygenated Atmosphere
c) Both of These
d) Neither of These

Deforestation is generally motivated or caused by the following human desires:
a) More Cropland
b) All of These
c) Paper Products
d) Land to Graze Livestock

Runoff from farmland that utilizes fertilizers to improve crop growth can lead to __________.
a) Deforestation
b) Acid Precipitation
c) Algae Blooms
d) Desertification

Which of the following would NOT be a likely negative impact of mining activity?
a) Less Carbon Dioxide in the Atmosphere
b) Habitat Destruction
c) Decreased Water Quality from Runoff
d) ALL of these would be negative impacts of mining activity.

The development of land for houses and other building near a city as the population increases is called ________________________.
a) ecogenesis
b) gentrification
c) reclamation
d) urban sprawl

______________________ is the largest number of individuals in a given species that Earth's resources can support and maintain for a long period of time.
a) Carrying Capacity
b) Productive Limit
c) Consumptive Limit
d) None of These

Which of the following was most likely NOT a contributor to the human population explosion over the last 200 years?
a) Improved Healthcare
b) Introduction of new diseases in developed countries
c) Technological Advancement
d) Increased food production capabilities

All the members of a species in a given area.
a) community
b) population
c) ecosystem
d) biosphere

________________ is a term used to illustrate the conflict between unlimited desire/demand and limited resources/supply.
a) Deprivation
b) Economics
c) Carrying capacity
d) Scarcity

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