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Months.[print questions]

Which month is 6 th?
a) June
b) July
c) October
d) August

Which month is 5th
a) May
b) April
c) November
d) December

Which month is 7th?
a) July
b) August
c) September
d) December

Which month is the shortest?
a) February
b) January
c) March
d) April

Which month is 8th?
a) August
b) September
c) November
d) October

Wchich manth is the first?
a) JAnuary
b) February
c) December
d) November

Which month is the last?
a) December
b) November
c) September
d) October

Which month is 3rd?
a) March
b) May
c) April
d) June

How many days has March?
a) 30
b) 31
c) 28
d) 29

How many days has February?
a) 28 or 29
b) 28
c) 30
d) 31

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