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What are the the environmental sources that make up the New England colonies
a) good climate with lots of water
b) Good soil and good climate
c) trees and lots of water sources
d) good soil with lots of streams

The colonies that were not based off of farming was?
a) New England
b) Southern
c) Middle

Which environmental factor caused the economy to be the way ii was for the Middle and Southern Colonies
a) good trees
b) good soil and climate
c) really rainy
d) rocky soil

The colonies where religion was not one of the major role was?
a) Southern
b) Middle
c) New England

All were part of the Southern Colonies except?
a) Carolinas
b) Georgia
c) Virginia
d) New York

All were New England Colonies except?
a) Georgia
b) New Hampshire
c) Massachusetts
d) Connecticut

All were Middle colonies except
a) Pennsylvania
b) New York
c) New Hampshire
d) New Jersey

Middle and Southern Colonies major economic support was?
a) Ship building
b) farming
c) fishing
d) hunting whales

all the following environmental factors had a role on the New England economy except?
a) rocky soil and cool climate
b) lakes, river, oceans
c) lots of trees
d) lot of open ground with good soil

Which colony was not solely based off of religious purposes?
a) Southern
b) Middle
c) New England

New England colonies did all the following except
a) met in the town commons
b) gave food out to the homeless
c) created their own laws and followed them
d) were strict based off of the religion

The main economic activity for the MIDDLE and SOUTHERN colonies was?
a) farming
b) selling lumber
c) fishing
d) ship building

All were major parts of the economy for New England except?
a) ship building
b) cutting lumber
c) farming
d) fishing

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