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Waterways.[print questions]

All of the following groups have used the Atlantic Ocean EXCEPT
a) Native Americans
b) Settlers
c) Explorers
d) Immigrants

Many port cities developed and grew around the
a) Great Lakes
b) Train stations
c) Large raodways
d) Dwayne Johnson

The word that will help you remember the Great Lakes is

All of the following are one of the Great Lakes EXCEPT
a) Lawrence
b) Ontario
c) Erie
d) Huron

The Gateway to the West is the __________________ River
a) Ohio
b) Missouri
c) Mississippi
d) Pacific

This river was explored by Lewis and Clark.
a) The Columbia
b) The Mississippi
c) The Rio Grande
d) The Colorado

The US and Mexican border is formed by the
a) Rio Grande
b) Mississippi River
c) St Lawrence River
d) Gulf of Mexico

The US and Canadian border is partly formed by the
a) St Lawrence River
b) Hudson River
c) Potomac River
d) Rio Grande

What connects the Great Lakes to the Atlantic Ocean
a) The St Lawrence River
b) The Erie Canal
c) The Chesapeake Bay
d) The Inter coastal Waterway

Waterways, especially rivers, are like
a) liquid highways
b) natural barriers
c) impediments
d) oceans

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