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what do you have with the garbage
a) the deposit to be taken to the dumpster
b) the burning
c) throw it anywhere
d) recycle it

how do you think the recycling of garbage contributes to the enviroment
a) it is essential for garbage to decrease
b) help us not to continue exploiting natural resources
c) save when recycling
d) its no use

when you see on televicision a programan about issues about garbage and pollution thet you do
a) reflects and contributes to the care of the enviroment
b) it bores
c) it does not matter
d) it changes its channel

how do you think the goverment should deal with the problem of garbage
a) raising awareness about the importance of caring for teh environment
b) doing clanning campains
c) charing fines to those who throw garbage
d) no way

what do you think about the contamination thet factories make and what do you think about letting pollutants go in the water
a) i think they should take them to a place where they can be processed in a better way
b) if they have no place to carry these elements then tehy should be thrown into the rivers
c) i do not care
d) i have no idea what they could do

do you think the pollution knows enough measures to avoid pollution
a) yes , but do not know the measures
b) no, people do not know the measure
c) i think you should give more information and are not interested
d) people do not know add are not interested

what do you thik is the main pollution of watwe today
a) people
b) animals
c) industrie
d) nature

are you worried about the lack of water in the future
a) yes
b) no
c) it is important
d) it is not important

which of the following options relates to air quality
a) air without pollution
b) air suitable for breathing
c) fresh air
d) air with pollution

which of the following diseases can be produced by daily exposure to air pollution
a) lung cancer
b) headache
c) none of the above
d) does not know

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