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Why is it important to conserve the biodiversity of Earth?
a) to decrease the amount of global predator populations
b) to decrease the stability of major global ocean currents
c) to increase the stability of ecosystems during environmental changes
d) to increase the amount of nonrenewable resources located in the lithosphere

What long-term impact could the destruction of larger areas of forests have on Earth?
a) decreased rates of erosion
b) increased atmospheric carbon dioxide levels
c) decreased amounts of acid rain
d) increased atmospheric oxygen levels

Which natural phenomenon occurs as a result of Earth rotating on its axis?
a) movement of tectonic plates
b) deep ocean currents
c) seasonal changes
d) day and night

Urban City X has been referred to as an urban heat island because it tends to be warmer than the surrounding rural areas. What is the main cause of Urban City X being an urban heat island?
a) the planting of trees and other vegetation
b) the building of rooftop gardens
c) the installation of solar panels
d) the construction of parking areas and road systems

Which is associated with an increase of chlorofluorocarbons in the environment?
a) an increase in health risks associated with UV radiation
b) an increase in levels of methane gas in the atmosphere
c) an increase in ozone levels in the upper atmosphere
d) an increase in acid precipitation

Which storm most likely develops as air masses interact with the warm water in the northwest Pacific Ocean?
a) typhoon
b) tornado
c) blizzard
d) monsoon

Which is the most common contamination source for freshwater resources?
a) runoff
b) digging wells
c) melting of glaciers
d) lightning

A community decides to upgrade its water purification and management systems. What lasting impact could this have on available freshwater?
a) It could cause a decrease in water demand.
b) It could cause a decrease in water levels.
c) It could cause an increase in waterborne diseases.
d) It could cause an increase in freshwater supply.

What is the most responsible for the presence of groundwater in an area?
a) the movement of water from a confined aquifer into surface water
b) the movement of surface water and precipitation through soil and rock
c) the movement of water from streams and rivers to watersheds
d) the movement of surface water through impermeable rock

Which is a farming technique that cold improve the soil and the environment?
a) using fueled machines that will turn the soil continously
b) creating undisturbed layers of mulch in the soil
c) placing inorganic chemical fertilizers in the soil
d) irrigating the soil with salty water

Subsurface ocean currents continually circulate from the warm waters near the equator to the colder waters in orther parts of the world. What is the main cause of these currents?
a) differences in the topography along the ocean floor
b) differences in density of ocean water
c) the rotation of Earth on its axis
d) movement of the jet stream

How can urbanization affect a local area?
a) It can increase the number of invasive species in an area.
b) It can decrease the risk of water pollution in an area.
c) It can increase the risk of flooding in an area.
d) It can decrease the need for natural resources in an area.

Cracks in rocks widen as water in them freezes and thaws. How does this affect the surface of the Earth?
a) It reduces the rates of soil formation.
b) It changes the chemical composition of the rocks.
c) It exposes the rocks to increased rates of erosion and weathering.
d) It limits the exposure of rocks to acid precipitation.

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