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Which of the following is NOT true about the Reconstruction era
a) 40% of Southern farms were destroyed
b) 60% of southern railroads destroyed
c) Confederate currency was worthless after the war
d) Reconstruction in the south was peaceful for all citizens

How did Lincoln's assassination change Reconstruction
a) Radical Republicans took control of Congress and wanted to punish the South.
b) Democrats controlled Reconstruction in the South
c) The KKK was started
d) Presidential Reconstruction was implemented.

The 14th Amendment...
a) abolished slavery in the U.S.
b) granted citizenship
c) granted suffrage to African American males
d) allowed women the right to vote

This was the first attempt to secure rights for all racial minorities in America, but president Johnson vetoed it.
a) Civil Rights Act of 1964
b) Civil Rights Act of 1866
c) Reconstruction Act on 1867

Why did the South enact Black Codes after the war?
a) they wanted to extend rights to newly freed blacks in the south
b) they wanted to limit the rights of newly freed African Americans
c) they wanted separate facilities for African Americans

Hiram Rhodes Revels is remembered in American History because...
a) he was the first black person to vote
b) he was the first African American to serve in Congress (Senate)
c) he was the first African American to run for the presidency

The 13th Amendment...
a) abolished slavery in the U.S.
b) granted citizenship
c) granted the right to vote to black males
d) from the War of 1812

Which of the following is an example freedmen exercising their 15th Amendment right?
a) African American males applied for Homesteads
b) African American males voted in the presidential election
c) African Americans were free to travel without restriction

After the war, the primary goal of Reconstruction was to....
a) elect a new president after Lincoln was assassinated
b) create a Freedman's Bureau for newly freed slaves
c) create a plan to bring the Southern states back into the Union

The Homestead Act gave settlers 160 acres of land if they became farmers and improved the land. Why did the government offer this ?
a) the goal was to encourage westward settlement and to create new western markets
b) to encourage legal immigration

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