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Review Of Newton's Laws Of Motion And Potential And Kinetic Energy. TEACHERS: click here for quick copy question ID numbers.

What is the potential energy of a cell phone, 0.05 kg, that is 1.5 meters above the floor?
a) 0.735 J
b) 0.075 J
c) 30 J
d) 120 J

A 1100 kg car is driving at 100 m/s. Is the energy potential or kinetic and how much?
a) Potential, 110,000 J
b) Kinetic, 110,000 J
c) Kinetic, 5,500,000 J
d) Potential, 5,500,000 J

The bus driver is driving the 10,000 kg bus at a constant speed of 20 mph. What is the sum of the forces on the bus?
a) 0 N
b) 20,000 N
c) 200,000 N
d) There is not enough information to solve this problem.

A dead squirrel fell out of a tree, what are the forces acting on him when he is in the air?
a) Air resistance and the force of gravity
b) Force of gravity and the applied force
c) Air resistance and the normal force
d) The force of gravity and the normal force

A 2,000 kg car hits a guard rail with 500 Newtons of force. What is the force of the guard rail on the car?
a) 500 Newtons
b) 400 Newtons
c) 10,000 Newtons
d) 500 pounds

What force would a 10 kg bowling ball need to accelerate it down an alley at 2.5 m/s2?
a) 25 Newtons
b) 2.5 Newtons
c) 4 Newtons
d) 4 Pounds

If there are 3 waves traveling in 6 seconds, what is the frequency of the wave?
a) 0.5 Hz
b) 18 Hz
c) You need the wavelength to find the frequency
d) 3 Hz

What is the speed of a wave that has a wave length of 12 cm and a frequency of 3 Hz
a) 36 cm/s
b) 36 Hz
c) 4 cm/s
d) 4 cm

A 60 kg man is accelerating towards earth with a parachute at 4 m/s2. What is the force that he will hit the Earth?
a) 240 Newtons
b) 60 kg
c) 0 N
d) 15 N

Two teams are playing tug of war. One team pulls 200 N to the left, the other pulls 250 to the right. What is the sum of the forces?
a) 50 N to the right
b) 450 N total force
c) 50 N to the left
d) 250 to the right

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