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Which is the best definition of a brain drain?
a) the loss of skilled workers who move to other countries
b) the loss of war refugees who seek safety in other countries
c) the loss of aging parents who join children in other countries
d) the loss of good students who attend college in other countries

The movement of large numbers of people to cities is known as
a) emission
b) distortion
c) immigration
d) urbanization

What do geographers call the unequal distribution of wealth and resources in a specific geographic area?
a) economic activity
b) population density
c) relative location
d) spatial inequality

Which of these is a major cause of rural decline in Mexico?
a) crowding and pollution
b) loss of communal lands
c) rising standards of living
d) poverty and unemployment

Which of these is the most important “pull factor” that draws farm families to Mexico City?
a) apartment living
b) communal land
c) economic opportunity
d) spatial inequality

Which of these terms is best defined as a geographic area that includes all of the rivers and streams that flow into a lake or sea?
a) basin
b) landmass
c) plateau
d) watershed

The sea lamprey and zebra mussel are part of which of these Great Lakes ecosystem problems?
a) wetland loss
b) invasive species
c) algae explosions
d) point-source pollution

Which of these is a major reason for a growing water shortage in many countries?
a) habitat loss
b) invasive species
c) shrinking glaciers
d) population growth

In which country of South America is the Amazon rainforest located?
a) Ecuador
b) Brazil
c) Chile
d) Peru

Rainforests are called the “lungs of the Earth” because of their role in
a) the food web
b) the Coriolis effect
c) the El Niño current
d) the carbon-oxygen cycle

Which of the following would groups who want sustainable development in the Amazon rainforest most likely support?
a) the building of more roads into the rainforest
b) the harvesting of rainforest trees to create more jobs
c) the clearing of rainforest to create farms and ranches
d) the use of rainforest resources without destroying them

The Chernobyl explosion and the Tisza-Danube cyanide spill are both examples of
a) water pollution
b) transboundary pollution
c) toxic-chemical pollution
d) general pollution

Which statement is most likely to be true of a developing country?
a) Most adults earn enough money to own cars
b) Most adults consume more than 3,000 calories a day
c) Most adults live in rural areas and work in agriculture
d) Most adults live in cities and work in factories or offices

Which term means the total value of goods and services a country produces in a year?
a) consumption
b) per capita income
c) economic activity
d) gross domestic product

Which term best describes a country with a high per capita GDP?
a) developed
b) developing
c) rural
d) urban

Which of the following is a renewable energy resource?
a) coal
b) uranium
c) natural gas
d) wind

Globalization has led to a rapid increase in which of the following?
a) water stress
b) international trade
c) transboundary pollution
d) arithmetic population density

Which term describes a business that has operations all over the world?
a) trade bloc
b) common market
c) micro-enterprise
d) multinational corporation

A company in Mexico ships fruit to the United States for sale without paying tariffs. This is an example of which of the following?
a) free trade
b) vertical trade
c) subsistence agriculture
d) comparative advantage

China looks to Japan for foreign investment and technology. Japanese consumers buy many goods made in China. This is an example of:
a) ethnic diversity
b) sustainable development
c) supranational cooperation
d) economic interdependence

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