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An advantage of asexual reproduction is that it does not require fertilization. What advantage do the offspring of sexual reproduction MOST likely have as a result of fertilization?
a) DNA variation may allow survival in a changing environment.
b) Unfavorable traits from each parent will be eliminated.
c) Traits will be perfectly adapted to the environment.
d) DNA will be less varied and therefore more stable.

What types of cells are found only in organisms that reproduce sexually?
a) blood cells
b) neurons
c) skin cells
d) gametes

Which statement describes a characteristic of both sexual and asexual reproduction?
a) The processes require egg cells.
b) New cells are produced.
c) Two parents are required.
d) The processes produce genetically unique offspring.

How can simple machines make work easier?
a) by decreasing the force needed to complete the task
b) by increasing the friction between the machine and the object
c) by adding more work on the object than originally applied
d) by removing the force of gravity on the object

Current moving through a circuit is stopped with a
a) wire.
b) battery.
c) switch.
d) bulb.

Which machine could be considered to be a type of inclined plane?
a) wheel and axle
b) lever
c) screw
d) pulley

An engineer must calculate the potential energy of a roller coaster car at the top of an incline. Which information would BEST help the engineer determine the potential energy of the car?
a) the distance the roller coaster car must travel
b) the mass of the roller coaster car at full capacity
c) the average weight of an empty roller coaster car
d) the direction that the roller coaster car is traveling

Which is responsible for creating wind?
a) wave action
b) solar energy
c) trees blowing
d) gravitational force

Which of these gases, on average, has the lowest volume in the atmosphere of Earth?
a) oxygen
b) nitrogen
c) water vapor
d) carbon dioxide

How do the conditions for a tornado differ from the conditions for a hurricane?
a) Tornadoes never form when there is rain, while hurricanes always form with rain.
b) Tornadoes form under low pressure, while hurricanes form under high pressure.
c) Tornadoes form in a stable atmosphere, while hurricanes form in an unstable atmosphere.
d) Tornadoes generally form over land, while hurricanes form over bodies of water.

Toxic chemicals in mobile phone batteries can pollute the environment when the phones are thrown away in unlined landfills. Which of the following BEST explains why people continue to use mobile phones even though the phones can have a negative impac
a) Mobile phones are less expensive than phones with cords.
b) Mobile phones cause people to become distracted.
c) Mobile phones cause less environmental damage than other electronic products.
d) Mobile phones make communication more convenient.

Which relationship results in the highest level of evaporation from Earth’s water reservoirs?
a) greatest surface area and most direct sunlight
b) greatest surface area and least direct sunlight
c) least surface area and most direct sunlight
d) least surface area and least direct sunlight

The drag of wind results in which feature of ocean surface currents?
a) movement of water away from the equator
b) cyclical variations in the height of high tides
c) reduction in velocity with distance from Earth’s poles
d) deflection of water toward the direction of airflow

What is the MOST reasonable explanation for why a toy car rolls farther on a wood floor than on a thick carpet?
a) The car weighs more on the carpet.
b) The car weighs more on the floor.
c) The carpet has more resistance.
d) The floor has more traction.

Which example BEST illustrates an action-at-a-distance force?
a) lifting a box
b) an apple falling
c) pulling a nail out of wood
d) a car moving along a flat surface

A ball rolls across the floor and slows down to a stop. Which force caused the ball to slow down?
a) friction
b) gravity
c) magnetic
d) inertia

Which is an example of balanced forces?
a) a door starting to open
b) a basketball being held
c) a truck beginning to accelerate
d) a book falling off a table

Cells need nutrients for energy. Which system is responsible for breaking down food to provide cellular energy?
a) digestive
b) excretory
c) circulatory
d) respiratory

The extensive branching of neurons helps them to perform which function?
a) maintain structural stability
b) stockpile chemical energy
c) communicate with other neurons
d) secrete hormones

What statement describes what happens to the carbon dioxide waste produced by a developing baby during pregnancy?
a) It is carried by the umbilical cord to the placenta and then to the mother’s blood.
b) It is released from the fetus by its breathing and then is absorbed by the placenta.
c) It is released through the fetal urine and then exits through the umbilical cord.
d) It is carried through shared blood vessels and then to the mother’s lungs.

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