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What is a phenomenon
a) None
b) An event that when it occurs the cause is unknown or unexplainable
c) An event that happens frequently
d) An event that only causes disaster

What are telescopes
a) An instrument that magnifies an object
b) A out of space machine
c) an Instrument to measure time
d) None

What is optical refractive
a) make items light up
b) Make items seem large
c) Lenses to collect light to make an image
d) None

What is reflective
a) Burn the light
b) Uses 2 mirrors to reflect light
c) Mirror image
d) none

Advantages of Reflective telescope
a) Does not suffer fromchromatic aberration
b) All wavelengths reflect off
c) The mirror in the same way
d) All

Advantages of Reflective telescope
a) Support along the back side of the object
b) So it can be made very big
c) All
d) None

Advantages of Reflective telescope
a) Cheaper to make than
b) Refractive of the same size
c) All
d) None

Advantages of Reflective telescope
a) Deflects off
b) Light reflects off the object , rather than pass through
c) None
d) sun will shine

Disadvantages of Reflective telescope
a) Easy to get objects out of alignment
b) Optics need frequent cleaning
c) All
d) None

SALT stands for
a) South African Lime Time
b) South African Large Telescope
c) South African LT
d) None

SALT is the largest single optical telescope in the southern hemisphere
a) False
b) True
c) No
d) Maybe

SALT is situated where?
b) SAAO (South African Astronomical Observatory)

Where is SAAO situated
a) In Johannesburg
b) In Sutherland in Northern Cape 400km from Cape Town
c) Bruma
d) None

Radio Telescopes
a) Increase the range into space
b) Receive waves emitted by objects in space
c) focus on them by means of reflection
d) All

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