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What was the easiest way to smuggle a diamond
a) The miners would swallow it
b) They would break it into pieces
c) The would dig holes to hid it
d) None

When the contracts ended they had to
a) remain 8 extra days
b) take a laxative to make their
c) stomach work
d) All

The miners had to wear thick
a) scarfs
b) pants
c) gloves
d) none

White miners protested against being searched in
a) 1884
b) 1883
c) 1895
d) 1781

The white miners were never searched again
a) False
b) True
c) No
d) Maybe

What is Invest
a) Spend money on something
b) To make more money
c) Just get more money
d) The first 2 answers

The investors put pressure on the
a) British authorities in Southern Africa
b) to take control of the areas
c) where diamonds were found
d) All

Meaning of disposses
a) Kill for the land
b) Take land away from someone who owns land
c) Destroy the land
d) None

In the late 1870's which kingdoms remained independent
a) Xhosa
b) Pedi
c) Zulu
d) All

Xhosa were defeated by the British
a) In 1835
b) In 1878
c) In 1876
d) In 1771

Pedi were defeated by the British
a) 1860
b) 1850
c) 1879
d) 1779

Zulu were defeated by the British
a) 1875
b) 1876
c) 1879
d) 1888

Was it too expensive for individuals to operate a gold mine
a) False
b) True
c) No
d) Maybe

Who was leadership
a) Cecil John Rhodes
b) Barney Barnato
c) Alfred Beit
d) All

Who provided Capital or money to start a Gold mine
a) The Gold diggers
b) The Randlords
c) Oppenheimer
d) None

What was the mine owners association called
a) Chamber of Mines
b) Chamber of Gold
c) Gold miners
d) The diggers

When was the association established
a) 1875
b) 1889
c) 1899
d) 1900

They agreed on
a) How to find workers
b) How to keep wages as low as possible
c) Persuade government to pass laws that suit them
d) All

Migrant workers were sometimes called
a) Men of 3 worlds
b) Men of 2 worlds
c) The slaves
d) None

a) Africans had to pay
b) R1 per year
c) for every hut they lived in
d) All

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