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How many parents are required for asexual reproduction
a) 1
b) 2
c) 3
d) 0

Asexual reproduction produces
a) identical offspring
b) genetically different offspring

sex cells are called
a) daughter cells
b) parent cells
c) gametes
d) somatic cells

When single celled organisms reproduce by splitting in two it is called
a) budding
b) sporulation
c) regeneration
d) binary fission

The ability to replace lost or damaged body parts or to create new organisms from a piece of the original
a) binary fission
b) fragmentation/regeneration
c) vegetative propagation
d) sporulation

What are the seed like capsules of DNA capable of growth called?
a) spores
b) gametes
c) fragments
d) sprouts

Which organism can reproduce by binary fission?
a) planarian
b) mushroom
c) starfush
d) paranecium

Which organism can reproduce by budding?
a) yeast
b) komodo dragon
c) starfish
d) bacteria

when an animal produces eggs that develop without fertilization
a) vegetative propagation
b) budding
c) parthengenesis
d) sporulation

when new plants are produced from cutoff sections
a) vegetative propagation
b) parthenogenesis
c) budding
d) fragmentation

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