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people ordained as priests
a) guilds
b) theology
c) clergy

a belief different from Church teachings
a) anti-Semitism
b) heresy
c) Reconquista

the study of religion and God
a) theology
b) fijord
c) scholasticism

agreement between the pope and the ruler of a country
a) vernacular
b) concordat
c) feudalism

Why was the Magna Carta important?
a) It gave more power to kings.
b) It gave more power to the clergy.
c) It gave more rights to people accused of crimes.

land granted to a vassal
a) fief
b) concordat
c) serf

person who worked their own land and a lord's land
a) serf
b) clergy
c) guild

Why is the Battle of Tours important?
a) It stopped the Muslim advance into Europe.
b) It stopped the Mongol advance into Europe.
c) It ended Christianity as the major religion in Western Europe.

How was Charlemagne UNLIKE other earlier Frankish rulers?
a) He expanded his territory
b) He believed in education and started a school
c) He was a Christian

The Code of Chivalry was-
a) A set of rules knights followed
b) A set of rules for monasteries
c) A set of rules serfs had to follow

Monasteries were important because they-
a) helped spread the Muslim religion
b) helped to preserve knowledge
c) let people study to be monks for free

Craftsmen organized into business groups were called-
a) vassals
b) fiefs
c) guilds

Peasants learned to grow more food by-
a) using oxen to pull plows
b) rotating crops between three fields
c) using wooden plows

The Catholic Church started the Inquisition in order to-
a) stop heresy
b) stop friars from preaching
c) support Jewish worshippers

Most educated women in medieval Europe were-
a) nuns
b) serfs
c) peasants

The Crusades resulted in-
a) the defeat of the Muslim forces
b) increased trade between Europe and the Middle East
c) increased power went to the nobles

The Black Death was started by
a) Poor Diet
b) Bacteria
c) Feudalism

The Black Death spread quickly by all of the following EXCEPT-
a) caravans along trade routes
b) ships traveling to colonies
c) monks living in monasteries

Joan of Arc helped which country recover lost territory?
a) Portugal
b) England
c) France

The Christian struggle in Spain and Portugal to oppose Muslim rule was called
a) Inquisition
b) Reconquista
c) Excommunication

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