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What is homozygous?
a) when the trait alleles are the same
b) when the trait alleles are different
c) when only one baby is born
d) an elephant with one tusk

What is heterozygous?
a) when someone has twins
b) when the trait alleles are the same
c) when the trait alleles are different
d) partners in science class

If a mother has a heterozygous gene for blue eyes, and so does the father, what is the chance that the kid will have blue eyes?
a) 25%
b) 75%
c) 0%
d) 100%

Two pink unicorns had some baby shimmers. They had 4 pink babies, and 3 blue babies. Why were some of the babies blue?
a) A mutation
b) blue is dominant over pink
c) the parents were heterozygous to the pink trait
d) It turns out the babies weren't unicorns

What accurately describes behavior?
a) Behavior is affected by only experience
b) It is only affected by inheritance
c) Behavior is affected by both
d) None of the above

Why would sexual reproduction be better than asexual reproduction?
a) Better genetic diversity
b) It is slower than asexual
c) The offspring are an exact match to the parent
d) Babies are born with jeans

What is a dominant gene
a) This gene masks other genes. This gene will be present
b) This gene is hidden. May not show up
c) bfdjkbldfg.s
d) fgnjklh,e

a) fdbnjmkl;b.te
b) bteqjikb,lq;
c) brtnmgjkb,lfv;
d) fgnrjkvdld

a) dsfhjklnjfd
b) rgjmk,l.;
c) rbenjmkv
d) gbhjfv

hey wassa
a) shawn
b) mendes
c) bv uigkl,m vl;f
d) gbueri

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