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Review Questions For ATSS.

What does Rasheed complain about when the baby comes home?
a) The baby is too big to carry.
b) The baby eats too much.
c) He would rather have a boy, not a useless girl.

Why does Rasheed consider marrying Laila to be charitable?
a) Laila has no one, no where to go, and no way to support herself.
b) No one else would marry an orphan.
c) Rasheed is a very fine catch.

In the book, what is happening in Afghanistan?
a) War between several factions.
b) The government switching from communism to a democracy.
c) Afghanistan has no political leader.

Why does Laila live with Miriam and Rasheed?
a) Tariq left Laila so she married someone else.
b) Laila wanted to stay in the neighborhood to wait for Tariq to come back.
c) Miriam and Rasheed cared for Laila after her parents died in the bombing.

What does Mammy finally agree too?
a) Leaving Kabul.
b) Putting the house up for sale.
c) Letting Laila live with Miriam and Rasheed.

Who is Laila's true love?
a) Rasheed
b) Tariq
c) Abdul

What does Miriam think is her greatest failure?
a) Marrying Rasheed.
b) Leaving Nana alone.
c) Not having the ability to have a child.

Why is Mammy in bed most of the time?
a) She is dying of cancer.
b) She has depression.
c) She can't walk.

What do Jalil's wives insist Miriam do?
a) Live in their house as a maid like her mother was.
b) Go live with distant relatives.
c) Marry Rasheed.

What happens to Nana when Miriam leaves?
a) Nana hangs herself.
b) Nana dies of heart failure.
c) Nana goes to Jalil's house to find Miriam.

Why did Nana and Miriam live away from others?
a) Nana wanted her independence.
b) Miriam was scared of other people.
c) Jalil's wives consider Miriam and Nana an embarrassment to the family.

Who is really Zalmai's father?
a) Tariq
b) Abdul
c) Rasheed

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