Marketing Exam Review Part 8 Question Preview (ID: 42283)

Final Exam Review.

The description of the way marketing activities are planned and coordinated to achieve an organization's goals is called
a) internal analysis
b) marketing strategy
c) evaluation procedure
d) marketing plan

Which of the following is typically not an element of a SWOT analysis?
a) strengths
b) weakness
c) opportunities
d) time factors

During the maturity stage of the product life cycle.
a) sales peak and profits begin to decline
b) the product will be very basic, with a few features or options
c) advertising and promotion become less important because consumers already know about the product.
d) prices rarely change

Most of the major purchases made by consumers are
a) shopping goods
b) emergency goods
c) impulse goods
d) staple goods

Marketing plans are developed for a specific time period, often
a) two to five years
b) six months to one year
c) three to six months
d) five to ten years

When considering how to facilitate the physical exchange of products and services, which marketing mix element are you thinking about?
a) promotion
b) price
c) packaging
d) distribution

The unique, memorable quality of a brand is called
a) warranty
b) image
c) logo
d) associated service

A general promise or assurance of quality is called
a) seal of approval
b) service contract
c) guarantee
d) warranty

A component of a market in which people have one or more similar characteristics is called
a) demographics
b) segment
c) target
d) slice

The most important part of the product marketing mix element is
a) available options and features
b) the guarantee
c) packaging
d) None of these choices are correct

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