Marketing Exam Review Part 7 Question Preview (ID: 42281)

Final Exam Review.

Twitter allows users to send short messages of up to _____ characters to other users who choose to follow them.
a) 210
b) 1000
c) 500
d) 140

In 1997, an early social media site that allowed users to create personal profiles and list acquaintances was
a) Sixdegrees
b) Friendster
c) MySpace
d) Facebook

Social media allows the receiver of the message or information
a) add to the information
b) share the information with friends
c) comment on the information
d) all of these choices are correct

A _____ is a website where one person regularly post commentary, descriptions, or other content in a journal in a journal-like format
a) virtual collaboration
b) content community
c) blog
d) social network

Most social media content is created by
a) an advertising firm
b) the audience
c) a publisher
d) a studio

The Internet has become a common way for businesses to
a) interact with other businesses
b) complete many business activities
c) interact with customers
d) all of these choices are correct

According to the textbook, after the United States, which country has the highest number of Internet users?
a) Japan
b) Russia
c) Australia/South Pacific
d) Germany

One of the greatest disadvantages of e-commerce is
a) customers can order products day or night, 365 days a year.
b) small businesses can more easily compete with larger businesses.
c) it allows customers to compare prices and product/service features
d) businesses compete with all businesses offering similar products both locally and online

The number of Internet users worldwide in 2014 was approximately
a) 5 billion
b) 500 million
c) 1 billion
d) 3 billion

About what percentage of the U.S. population has Internet access?
a) just under half
b) about 85 percent
c) less than 15 percent
d) more than 90 percent

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