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How did the Hundred Years war contribute to the decline of feudalism?
a) the hiring of soldiers made kings less dependent on nobles
b) serfs took over the kingdom
c) nobles wanted a say in the tax laws
d) England could not let go of its lands in France

What development was partly a response to Joan of Arc?
a) strong national identity
b) powerful weapons
c) more foot soldiers
d) loss of royal authority

This weapon advance allowed the English to win early on in the Hundred Years war.
a) longbow
b) gunpowder
c) knight armor
d) large horses

During the Hundred Years war what event took place
a) Thomas Becket was killed
b) Model Parliament in met
c) Magna Carta was established
d) Plague reached Europe

After the plague how did the power of the people increase?
a) it created a shortage of workers
b) sick people went to the castles
c) rich died faster from the plague
d) Kings took power from the nobles because of the plague

What did people do that caused the spread of the plague (Black death) in Europe?
a) trade with Asia
b) eat bad food
c) play with rats
d) burn infected villages

How was life harder for the Jewish people because of the plague?
a) they got blamed for the plague
b) they were the only people that got sick
c) they could not find work
d) they were killed in cities

The English King signed this document to give rights to the people in government.
a) Constitution
b) Magna Carta
c) Bill of Rights
d) Ten Tables

How was feudalism weakened in Europe?
a) nobles lost power to common people and king
b) war lead to loss of control
c) church took over power in most countries
d) serfs abandoned their land and took over the cities

The constitution of Clarendon led to conflict between King Henry II and
a) royal judges and juries
b) common people of England
c) Roman Catholic Church
d) monarch and nobles of France

What was the purpose of the Magna Carta?
a) give king all the power
b) give more rights to the people
c) give more power to the church
d) give land to the landless

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