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Cold War
a) period of tension that existed between the US and the Soviet Union
b) tension between the USSR and Germany
c) tension between France and Russia
d) tension between US and Germany

a) government system where the central government has all the power
b) the form of government used by the US
c) large object in space
d) a way to demand change

Rosa Parks contributed to the Civil Rights movement by—
a) protesting against the wars in Korea and Vietnam
b) fighting for equal pay for women and African Americans
c) refusing to give up her seat on a Montgomery bus
d) leading the March on Washington with Martin Luther King, Jr.

Civil Rights
a) using fear and violence as a way to demand changes
b) large object put into space
c) type of government
d) basic rights given to citizens

The Civil Rights Movement that peaked in the 1960s is best described as
a) fight against poverty
b) struggle for equality
c) rebellion against unfair housing practices
d) remedy for the Great Depression

Unites States became militarily involved in Korea and Vietnam to
a) free the prisoners
b) teach people living in these areas to farm
c) stop the spread of communism
d) overthrow dictators who rules the countries

The Cold War was a time when tensions between the US and USSR resulted in
a) bombing of Pearl Harbor
b) war between the two countries
c) arms race to build weapons
d) creation of the United Nations

Which event signaled the end of the Cold War
a) stock market crash
b) dust bowl
c) first man on the moon
d) fall of the Berlin Wall

How did the space shuttle program contribute to the development of the US?
a) offered a cheap way for tourists to travel to space
b) opportunities for more women to have jobs
c) creation of many other products
d) faster method for transporting goods to market

Which scientific breakthrough came because of the Cold War?
a) flu vaccination
b) color tv
c) genetic research
d) space exploration

US involvement in Korea and Vietnam was part of the
a) Great Depression
b) Civil Rights Movement
c) Dust Bowl
d) Cold War

Which of the following are MOST closely related?
a) Cold War and Space Race
b) Urbanization and WWII
c) WWI and Stock Market Crash
d) Cold War and WWI

a) large object in space
b) the state of being scared
c) using fear and violence as a way to demand changes
d) basic rights for humans

arms race
a) competition to see who has the longest arms
b) trying to keep from being attacked by having more weapons
c) game in the Olympics
d) the right to bear arms

Martin Luther King, Jr. worked to change unfair laws by –
a) using methods of nonviolent protest
b) running for public office
c) destroying government property
d) paying federal judges

Which country, originally governed by the Taliban, has been a major focus in the War on Terror?
a) Afghanistan
b) Cuba
c) South Africa
d) Israel

How did the U.S. government respond to the events of September 11, 2001?
a) U.S. leaders cut off money and aid to countries in Southwest Asia.
b) U.S. leaders took military and other actions to protect Americans.
c) U.S. leaders worked with European leaders to build an iron curtain.
d) U.S. leaders started to pay closer attention to American protestors.

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