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A pendulum oscillates 10 times in 20 seconds. What is the period of the pendulum?
a) 200 s
b) 200 Hz
c) 2 s
d) 0.5 s

The speed of sound in dry air at 20 degrees Celsius is 340 m/s. How far away is a jet plane when you notice a 3.5 second delay between seeing the plane and hearing it?
a) 23800 m
b) 1190 m
c) 595 m
d) 20 m

The period of a wave is 10 seconds and its amplitude is 2m. What is the wave’s frequency?
a) 0.1 s
b) 0.1 Hz
c) 10 Hz
d) 5 Hz

You drop pebbles one after another into water and make waves. If you drop them less frequently, what happens to the wavelength of the waves?
a) It stays the same
b) It shortens
c) It lengthens
d) None of the above

A giant wave in the ocean measures 30 meters from the top of the crest to the bottom of the trough. It also measures 100 meters from crest to crest. What is the amplitude of this wave?
a) 100 m
b) 60 m
c) 30 m
d) 15 m

The speed of a sound wave in air depends on __________
a) the temperature.
b) its frequency.
c) its amplitude.
d) none of the above

If you triple the period of a pendulum, what will happen to its frequency ?
a) It will triple
b) It will stay the same
c) It will be one third of what it was (1/3)
d) It will be one ninth of what it was (1/9)

Sound travels the fastest in which of these?
a) Aluminum
b) Beer
c) Oxygen
d) A vacuum

What happens when something moves faster than the speed of sound?
a) A subsonic boom is produced
b) Waves propagate in front of the object
c) A shock wave is created
d) None of the above

A sound wave has a wavelength of 10 m in a room that is cooled to 15oC. What is the speed of sound in that room?
a) 340 Hz
b) 340 m/s
c) 150 Hz
d) 150 m/s

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