5.5A-D Properties Of Matter Question Preview (ID: 41315)

Including Mass, Magnetism, Physical State, Solubility, Conductors/insulators, Boiling Freezing/melting Point, Mixtures, And Solutions.[print questions]

A material that allows energy to flow through is called a(n)
a) conductor
b) insulator

If an object floats in water, it is ___________ than water.
a) less dense
b) more dense

If an object sinks in water, it is ___________ than the water.
a) less dense
b) more dense

Mass is measured in
a) Ounces (oz)
b) Milliliters (mL)
c) Grams (g)
d) Celcius (°C)

Force is measured in
a) Newtons (N)
b) Ounces (oz)
c) Milliliters (mL)
d) Celcius (°C)

Which tool is used to measure force?
a) triple beam balance
b) strainer
c) tweezers
d) spring scale

Which item would be the best conductor?
a) Cardboard
b) Rubber
c) Nickel
d) Paper

What is boiling point?
a) 0°C
b) 32°C
c) 100°C
d) 212°C

What is freezing point?
a) -32°C
b) 0°C
c) 32°C
d) 100°C

A mixture that cannot be easily separated is called a
a) solution
b) iron filings
c) trail mix
d) thermometer

What does the T in M.E.L.T.S. stand for?
a) Traits
b) Thermal
c) Time
d) None of these

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