Naming Compounds And Writing Formulas- The Basics Question Preview (ID: 41314)

Prerequisite Knowledge For Understanding Chemical Nomenclature.[print questions]

If you are given a formula and asked to name the compound, what should you do first?
a) Use oxidation numbers to determine how many atoms of each element are present.
b) Note whether the compound is binary or not.
c) Use prefixes and or roman numerals in the name.
d) Determine whether the compound is ionic or covalent .

Polyatomic means _________.
a) one atom
b) two atoms
c) many atoms
d) many compounds

Polyatomic ions are usually ________ charged.
a) positively
b) negatively
c) not
d) none of the above

Iron bromide (Fe2Br) contains how many iron atoms?
a) 1
b) 2
c) 3
d) 4

Binary compounds are composed of how many elements?
a) 1
b) 2
c) 3
d) 4

The ion, iron (II), is written as _______.
a) Fe2+
b) Fe3+
c) Fe
d) Fe+

Mn4+ is most correctly named _________.
a) manganese (IV) ion, since manganese can assume multiple oxidation states.
b) magnide ion, since manganese is only capable of a plus 4 charge.
c) magnesium ion, since manganese can assume only one oxidation state.
d) atomic manganese, since it is in the atomic state.

A chloride ion would be represented by the chemical formula ______.
a) Cl2
b) HCl
c) Cl-
d) Cl

Negatively charged ions are called _______.
a) cations
b) anions
c) onions
d) bunions

The chemical symbol Ca2+ refers to the __________.
a) calcium atom
b) calcium compound
c) calcium ion
d) calcide ion

Positively charged ions are called _______.
a) cations
b) anions
c) onions
d) bunions

Ions are electrically charged due to a gain or loss of _______.
a) electrons
b) neutrons
c) atoms
d) protons

An atom or group of atoms that carries an electrical charge is called a(n)_________.
a) compound
b) electron
c) element
d) ion

Compounds are electrically _______.
a) positive
b) negative
c) neutral
d) charged

Elements are classified as either __________.
a) protons, neutrons or electrons
b) bright, dull and colorless
c) metals, semimetals or nonmetals
d) metallic, elemental or atomic

Most elements are ________.
a) nonmetals
b) metals
c) gases
d) semimetals

Elements are composed of __________.
a) compounds
b) cells
c) atoms
d) mixtures

Two or more elements combined in a fixed proportion form _____.
a) atoms
b) elements
c) compounds
d) mixtures

Which of the following formulas represents a diatomic molecule?
a) H2O
b) C6H12O6
c) O2
d) Ca++

If the name of an acid contains the prefix “hydro-“, which of the following is NOT true?
a) There is most likely a hydrogen ion involved.
b) It will be composed of only two elements.
c) One component of the acid is a polyatomic ion.
d) This is an invalid question since all of the answers above ARE true.

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