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1. Life is full of suffering. 2. The desire for possessions causes suffering. 3. Elimination of desire will stop one’s suffering. 4. Following the Eightfold path will lead to Enlightenment. These statements are key to the belief system of
a) Buddhism
b) Confucianism
c) Hinduism
d) Shintoism

Which landform has the MOST direct impact on population distribution in South Asia?
a) Deserts
b) Mountains
c) Rift Valleys
d) Rain Forests

Created thousands of years ago · Consists of thousands of gods · Mahabharata and Ramayana are two sacred texts · Approximately 1 billion people follow it today All of these describe what major religion?
a) Buddhism
b) Hinduism
c) Islam
d) Judaism

Which of these climates would have the LEAST amount of impact the economic development of South Asia?
a) Arid
b) Semiarid
c) Subarctic
d) Tropical Wet

Which of these would have the BIGGEST impact on the interaction between India and China?
a) the Three Gorges Dam
b) the Himalaya Mountains
c) the flooding of the Indus River
d) the pollution of the Ganges River

Which of these is the BEST explanation for the sparse population in China's western regions?
a) The region is subjected to typhoons.
b) The region has been ruled by warlords.
c) The region is dominated by desert and high elevations.
d) The region remains destroyed from World War II combat.

Why is the Yellow River (Huang He River) sometimes referred to as China's sorrow in Chinese history?
a) It is the final resting place of the last emperor of the Shang dynasty.
b) The Yellow River served as the border physical and political border between China and the Mongols up until 1200 C.E.
c) The sporadic flooding of the river has killed millions of people over the course of Chinese history dating back to 1500 B.C.E
d) The river's water is polluted due to ancient Chinese cultural practices and therefore could not be used for farming

Fought war against its southern neighbor beginning in 1950 Capital of Pyongyang Government is run as a totalitarian dictatorship What country is being described?
a) North Korea
b) South Korea
c) North Vietnam
d) South Vietnam

Which nation is made up of four main islands (Honshu, Hokkaido, Kyushu, and Shikoku) and thousands of smaller islands?
a) Indonesia
b) Japan
c) Oceania
d) Thailand

China · Japan · North Korea · South Korea These countries would be BEST classified as being in which region?
a) East Asia
b) West Asia
c) South Asia
d) Central Asia

It is the largest desert in Asia. · It covers parts of northern China and southern Mongolia. · It was formed because the Himalayan mountain range blocks rain from reaching the area. Which geographic feature of Asia is being described?
a) Gobi Desert
b) Sayan Desert
c) Lop Nor Desert
d) Taklimakan Desert

Right speech · Right action · Right effort · Right mindfulness · Right concentration These are five of the eight most important aspects of what ideology?
a) Buddhism
b) Confucianism
c) Hinduism
d) Islam

The concept of karma is best described as
a) being reborn into another life.
b) the relationship between Rama and Sita.
c) the continuous pattern of life and death.
d) the sum effect of one's actions during life.

Which of these is a main goal of Hinduism?
a) to gain knowledge through worship and performing virtuous acts to gain Enlightenment
b) to follow the Ten Commandments and be forgiven for sins and gain entry to Heaven
c) to complete a path of purification to reach Nirvana
d) to perform ritual worships using the Five Pillars

Both the Republic of India and Japan are examples of parliamentary republics. In both nations the legislative branch is ___, or made up of two houses.
a) appointed
b) bicameral
c) proportional
d) unicameral

Which Asian country is a parliamentary democracy, with an emperor who is mainly a ceremonial figurehead, and real political power vested in the prime minister?
a) China
b) Japan
c) Laos
d) Vietnam

Which Asian country could be best classified as an autocracy, with political power held by a single political party and a single dictator?
a) Japan
b) Thailand
c) North Korea
d) South Korea

The Head of Government is the Prime Minister · Citizens elect Representatives who in turn elect the Prime Minister · The Emperor has limited power due to a Constitutional Monarchy Choose the country described here.
a) The State of Japan
b) The Republic of India
c) The People’s Republic China
d) Democratic People's Republic of Korea

Both of these countries have governments that are lead by a Prime Minister. However, ___ is a republic, while ___ is Constitutional Monarchy. Which two countries are being described here?
a) India Japan
b) India China
c) Japan North Korea
d) North Korea and China

Which BEST describes the role of the English monarchy in its Constitutional form today?
a) to serve as a figurehead of state
b) to continue to exert absolute authority over the government
c) to serve as the final veto power over the representative government
d) to dismiss the prime minister when it is called by a Parliamentary vote

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