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Which industry was most affected by Howard Hughes?
a) Agriculture
b) Communication
c) Petroleum
d) Transportation

What part of Texas grew the least amount between 1900-1930?
a) South
b) North
c) East
d) West

How did rapid industrial expansion affect Texas?
a) Population of cities expanded
b) Many people could travel across the state easier
c) Many people moved out of the state in search of jobs
d) The population of coastal cities fell

Who was helped by the League of United Latin American Citizens?
a) Spanish speaking people
b) Slaves
c) Europeans
d) Native Americans

How did WWI change the lives of women?
a) They were able to enter the workforce
b) Women gained equal pay
c) Women were sent to the front line to fight
d) Women were allowed to attend universities

How did the Hurricane of 1900 affect Galveston’s economy?
a) There was a 10 year recession
b) Oil production never recovered
c) Major industries moved to Houston
d) Cotton growers were forced to move to other states

What two cities grew as a result of the railroad system?
a) El Paso and Corpus Christi
b) Lubbock and Galveston
c) San Antonio and Austin
d) Dallas and Houston

What was the goal of the Texas Equal Suffrage Association?
a) To give women the right to vote
b) To end slavery
c) To allow oil companies to trade with whoever they wanted
d) To outlaw the sale and consumption of alcohol

Who was elected governor with the support of the farmers?
a) Sam Houston
b) James Hogg
c) Dan Moody
d) Howard Hughes Sr.

How did the physical landscape of Texas change after the discovery of oil?
a) Ranchers began to fence their land
b) Oil companies built high rise offices
c) Boomtowns sprang up
d) Pipelines were built across the state

Who did the Populist movement help?
a) Oil industry workers
b) Factory workers
c) Agricultural workers
d) Women

What is a period of great profits followed by a downward trend in an industry?
a) Cause and Effect Cycle
b) Bicycle
c) Boom and Bust Cycle
d) Supply and Demand Cycle

What government agency was established to regulate oil prices?
a) Texas Surveyors Office
b) Texas Railroad Comission
c) Texas Energy Conservation Office
d) Texas Commission on Environmental Quality

When was oil discovered at Spindletop?
a) 1900
b) 1901
c) 1914
d) 1920

Put these in chronological order
a) End of Prohibition, Women’s suffrage, Galveston hurricane, WWI
b) Galveston hurricane, WWI, Women’s suffrage, End of Prohibition
c) WWI, Women’s suffrage, Galveston hurricane, End of Prohibition
d) Galveston hurricane, End of Prohibition, Women’s suffrage, WWI

Where can oil and gas be found in Texas?
a) Most geographic ares
b) Along the coastline
c) In the ocean off the coast
d) West Texas area

What was a characteristic of the Age of Oil?
a) Growth of cattle drives
b) Growth of urban areas
c) Decline of job opportunities
d) Decline of industrialization

Oil wells are drilled for the first time in East Texas, new drill bits are developed, and Ford mass produced automobiles were all contributed by:
a) Technological innovations
b) Rich men
c) Steam engine
d) The Great Depression

How did the invention of the tractor affect the agricultural industry in Texas?
a) Many farmers who couldn't afford the equipment went out of business
b) Farmers went into debt to buy the equipment and had to raise prices on food
c) Farming became slower because they were so slow
d) Crops were produced in greater amounts causing a drop in prices

In 1903, why did Galveston build a sea wall?
a) To keep out the illegal immigrants
b) To provide recreational facilities
c) To connect the island to the mainland
d) To protect from flooding by hurricanes

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