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Which Province is the only Bilingual Province?
a) British Columbia
b) Ontario
c) Quebec
d) New Brunswick

Section 23 of the Charter says that a French-speaking or English-speaking minority population of sufficient size in any province has the right to publicly funded schools that serve their language community. What Collective Right is this referring to?
a) Official Biolingualism
b) Minority Language Education Rights Rights
c) Official Languages Act
d) Treaty Rights

Which of the following are results of the Indian Residential school System in Canada?
a) Student deaths at the schools
b) Intergenerational Trauma
c) Loss of language and cultural practices
d) All of the Above

Which of the following was NOT a reason that European Settlers participated in treaty negotiations?
a) To Dominate indigenous peoples
b) To gain land to settle the west
c) To ensure that British Columbia would join confederation
d) To stop American expansion

What was NOT one of the reasons why First Nations populations wanted to negotiate treaties?
a) Disappearance of the Buffalo
b) Many people were dying of disease
c) To avoid Conflict
d) To ensure the creation of Canada

Which of the following groups does NOT hold collective rights in Canada
a) First Nations, Metis and Inuit peoples
b) The elderly
c) Francophones
d) Anglophones

How many numbered treaties were signed in Canada?
a) 4
b) 16
c) 13
d) 11

Why do only some people have Collective Rights?
a) The identified populations fought in court for these rights
b) Some people in Canada are considered superior to others
c) Collective rights recognize the founding peoples of Canada.
d) Collective Rights recognize the settler Peoples of Canada

What are Collective Rights?
a) Rights held by Canadians who belong to one of several groups in society.
b) Rights that are included in the Charter of Rights and Freedoms
c) The rights to associate as a collective
d) Rights given to visible minority groups in Canada

What Collective rights apply to Metis Peoples?
a) Aboriginal Rights
b) Francophone Rights
c) Anglophone Rights
d) Both A and B

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