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1920s- WwII.[print questions]

Heavy military losses in WWI, food and fuel shortages, and opposition to the Czar led to the
a) French Revolution
b) Russian Revolution
c) Chinese Revolution
d) Cuban Revolution

Which was a major result of the Nuremberg Trials?
a) National leaders were held personally responsible for war crimes against humanity
b) the State of Israel was created as a home for victims of the war.
c) Soldiers were required to pay for the property damages they caused during the war
d) Prisoners from all countries were immediately released from captivity.

The treatment of the Jews in Europe during WWII and of the Armenians in the Ottoman Empire are examples of
a) cultural diffusion
b) fundamentalism
c) modernization
d) genocide

What was the Non-Aggression Pact?
a) The US agrees not to enter WWII
b) Chamberlain gives into the demands of Hitler
c) Stalin and Hitler go to war
d) The USSR and Germany agree not to attack each other.

At the Munich Conference, Hitler demanded what area?
a) Poland
b) Stalingrad
c) Suden
d) Sudentenland

The French Revolution, Chinese Revolution of 1911 and the Bolshevik Revolution of 1917 were similar in that these revolutions
a) were led by ruthless dictators
b) were motivated by a desire to overthrow a monarch
c) led directly to the establishment of communism
d) established a higher standard of living for the middle class

Which is the definition of censorship?
a) Allowing free speech
b) to give in to an aggressor
c) to suppress thought
d) to pass a global quiz

Which term is defined as payment for damages
a) loan
b) militarism
c) mandate
d) reparations

Which is NOT a cause for WWII
a) Harsh conditions of the Treaty of Versailles
b) An Economic surplus and high employment
c) Invasion of Poland
d) Rise of Fascism

What did the strict conditions of the Treaty of Versailles lead to?
a) Revolts among the peasants
b) The French Revolution
c) The Bolshevik Revolution
d) Rise of Fascism

What is fascism?
a) Government ruled by a dictator that glorifies the nation
b) Government ruled by the representatives the people voted for
c) Government ruled by the people
d) Government that has a Constitution

Which is an example of a Fascist leader?
a) Napoleon
b) Benito Mussolini
c) Neville Chamberlain
d) Eisenhower

What is appeasement?
a) To fight an aggressor
b) To compromise
c) to give into the demands of an aggressor
d) to love peas

Which event led to the other three?
a) rise of fascism in Europe
b) Bolshevik Revolution
c) World War I
d) Signing of the Treaty of Versailles

This organization was created to replace the League of Nations
b) United Nations
c) United People
d) Germany, Italy, Japan

What problems did Italy face after WWI?
a) Great Depression
b) Weak Government
c) Fear of Communism
d) All of the above

Which is NOT a characteristic of Fascism?
a) State control of individuals
b) Censorship
c) Free Speech
d) One party rule

During the 1930s which group failed to stop Mussolini and Hitler?
a) England
b) The League of Nations
c) Ethiopia
d) Sudentenland

During WWII, which event occurred last?
a) German invasion of Poland
b) Russian defense of Stalingrad
c) US bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki
d) Japanese invasion of Manchuria

Which conflict is most closely associated with events in Nanjing, Dunkirk, and Hiroshima?
a) Russian Revolution
b) Cultural Revolution
c) Pearl Harbor
d) World War II

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