3B Feb.18-Translation MSVorbereitung. Question Preview (ID: 41129)

M290bPractise Usw.[print questions]

The red bag belongs to me.
a) I haven’t done my homework yet.
b) Warte nicht auf mich!
c) Die rote Tasche gehört mir.

I don’t mind
a) Ich habe nichts dagegen
b) Macht nichts.
c) Kümmere dich um deine Angelegenheiten.
d) Keine Ahnung.

in the morning
a) am Mittag
b) am Nachmittag
c) in der Nacht
d) am Morgen

Which word in each group is different ?
a) Boston
b) California
c) Los Angeles
d) Dallas

Which word in each group is different ?
a) ping pong
b) squash
c) badminton
d) golf

Which word in each group is different?
a) wood
b) tin
c) silver
d) gold

Where does ... to school?
a) you go
b) he goes
c) she go
d) we goes

... you like... play football?
a) to/do
b) to/to
c) do/do
d) do/to

What... you reading? –The ...
a) do/radio
b) are/newspaper
c) does/garden
d) is/evening

My name ... Sue.
a) has
b) is
c) are
d) can

Zerbrich* dein Glas nicht!
a) Don’t break your glass.
b) Break your glass not.
c) Doesn’t break your glass.
d) Do break your glass.

Beißt dein Hund?
a) Do your dog bites?
b) Does your dog bite?
c) Dos your dog bite?
d) Do your dog bitet?

Letztes Jahr war ich in Spanien.-
a) Last year I am in Spain.
b) Last year I be in Spain.
c) Last year I was in Spain.
d) Last year I have been in Spain.

Will er einen neuen Job?
a) Does he want a new job?
b) Do he want a new job?
c) Does he wants a new job?
d) Do he wants a new job?

Ich will eine Flasche (bottle) Milch, bitte.
a) I wants a bottle of milk, please
b) I want two bottles of milk, please
c) I want milk, please
d) I want a bottle of milk, please

Wir wollen nach Glasgow fahren (drive)
a) We wanted to drive to Glasgow
b) We want to drive in Glasgow
c) We want to drive to Glasgow
d) We want to go to Glasgow

Miss the train heisst:
a) den Zug verpassen.
b) den Zug vermissen.

Erinnerst du dich an seinen Grossvater? heisst:
a) Do you remind your grandfather?
b) Do you remember your grandfather?

Is your father...?
a) a letter carrier
b) poster
c) a postman
d) postman

Grace chooses...
a) a T-shirt blak.
b) a T-shirt black.
c) a black T-shirt.
d) a blak T-shirt.

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