34-Expansion And Reform: America's Borders Expand, Part 3 Question Preview (ID: 41128)

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What term refers to a new community?
a) nation
b) state
c) county
d) settlement

What term means a person who goes before others and opens the way for them to follow
a) frontier
b) settler
c) pioneer
d) trapper

What term means a wilderness at the edge of a settled area of a country?
a) frontier
b) pioneer
c) settlement
d) crossing

What term describes the movement of people from one region to another?
a) frontier
b) pioneer
c) migration
d) homesteading

What term means something given up?
a) annex
b) cession
c) victory
d) treaty

What area of land did Great Britain insist on owning as part of the Oregon Treaty?
a) Vancouver Island
b) Carthaginian Strait
c) Alaska
d) Lake Michigan

What was the overland route that crossed the Rocky Mountains and brought settlers into the Pacific Northwest?
a) Santa Fe Trail
b) Oregon Trail
c) Mormon Trail
d) Old Spanish Trail

What is the term that describes a popular saying that encourages patriotic feelings?
a) patriotic slogan
b) national song
c) national bird
d) patriotic flag-waving

What term means to add to or to attach?
a) cede
b) annex
c) territorialize
d) surrender

What event was a loss for Texans fighting for independence but provided them with a patriotic slogan that helped propel Texas to victory?
a) Banneker's Battalion
b) Seminole Ambush of Tionantu
c) Battle of the Bulge
d) Battle of the Alamo

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