The Cay Chapter 11-14 Review Question Preview (ID: 41119)

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Why did timothy make the hooks for Phillip?
a) He wanted to go fishing
b) Out of Boredom
c) So Phillip could survive if he were to die
d) Trying to catch Stew Cat

What was Timothy sick with?
a) Malaria
b) Flu
c) Cold
d) Cancer

What did Timothy do in the middle of his fever that scared Phillip?
a) Wouldn't wake up
b) Ran into the ocean
c) Threw up
d) Said he was cheering for the Patriots in the super bowl

What sea creature did Timothy and Phillip have to avoid near the coral reef?
a) Shark
b) Snake
c) Longhorn
d) Sea Urchin

Why was Timothy proud of Phillip?
a) He climbed up the palm tree
b) He killed the voodoo
c) He caught a fish
d) He spotted a plane

How did Phillip and Timothy keep track of how many days they had been on the island?
a) Lines on a rock
b) Rocks on the beach
c) Pebbles in a tin can
d) Checked their canvas calendar

What does Timothy think stew cat is?
a) A Jumbi
b) A Ghost
c) A dog
d) A hallucination

Why is it important for Phillip to learn how to fish?
a) To make him feel better about himself
b) So he can survive if Timothy were to die
c) So he can tell his parents
d) For a hobby

What did Timothy make for Phillip
a) Cane
b) Helment
c) Shoes
d) Jacket

According to Phillip how did lizards get to the island?
a) They originated there
b) They swam there
c) Timothy brought them
d) A bird carried a mother lizard and dropped her there

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