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Which of the following causes the seasons?
a) Earth's tilt
b) Earth's distance from the sun
c) Earth's relationship with the moon
d) Earth's planetesimals

Which of the following has the most energy?
a) Gamma Rays
b) X-rays
c) Radio Waves
d) Visible Light

Which of the following can be seen with the unaided human eye?
a) Visible Light
b) UV
c) Radio Waves
d) Microwaves

Which of the following could happen if Earth lost its magnetosphere?
a) All of these
b) loss of ozone layer
c) loss of power grid
d) increase in solar radiation striking Earth's surface

Which of the following is used for communication?
a) Microwaves
b) Infrared
c) X-rays
d) Gamma Rays

Which of the following is the longest day of the year in the Northern Hemisphere?
a) June 21st
b) Dec 21st
c) Aug 21st
d) March 21st

When it is summer in the Northern Hemisphere it is ________ in the Arctic.
a) summer
b) winter
c) fall
d) spring

Which of the following is a local wind?
a) Land and Sea Breaze
b) Mountain and Sea Breaze
c) Valley and Moon Breeze
d) Valley and Sun Breeze

Which of the following would have the greatest tidal range?
a) Alaska
b) Texas
c) Florida
d) California

Which of the following is an example of magnetic reversal?
a) Rock record
b) Cosmic Background Radiation
c) Doppler Effect
d) We have no evidence

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