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VA SOL 6.3 And 6.6.[print questions]

Clouds are formed when millions of drops of water become suspended in the air.  Which of the following is a step in the process of cloud formation?
a) condensation of water vapor
b) formation of carbon dioxide
c) expansion of cold air
d) breakdown of atmospheric ozone

Clouds are formed when millions of drops of water become suspended in the air.  Which of the following is a step in the process of cloud formation?
a) A girl is sweating in a city that is experiencing a record high temperature
b) a lady feels a change in atmospheric pressure while flying in an airplane
c) a boy is sitting in his house watching a lightning storm occur in the distance
d) a man stuck in his car during a summer rainstorm

Most of the US weather storms come from the -
a) north and travel to the south
b) west and travel to the east
c) east and travel to the west
d) south and travel to the north

Large tropical storms with high winds are called -
a) snowstorms
b) thunderstorms
c) hurricanes
d) tornadoes

Cirrus clouds are -
a) puffy and white
b) thin and feathery
c) low in the sky
d) thunderstorm clouds

Clouds that are flat and layered are known as -
a) stratus clouds
b) cumulonimbus clouds
c) cumulus clouds
d) cirrus clouds

A student observed grayish clouds that covered the entire sky and did not form any  precipitation. The clouds resembled fog, but did not touch the ground. What type of  clouds did the student see?
a) stratus
b) cirrus
c) cumulonimbus
d) cumulus

Which weather instrument is used to measure humidity?
a) Wind vane
b) barometer
c) psychrometer
d) rain gauge

Tornadoes form from which type of cloud?
a) cumulonimbus
b) cirrus
c) stratus
d) cumulus

Lines on a weather map that join places with the same air pressure are called
a) air masses
b) isobars
c) weather fronts
d) isotherms

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